The Bumpus Mine and Mineral Hunting Oct. 8, 2015


Common Ground Fair 2015!

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Field Trip Sept. 25

Just a reminder that we go to the Common Ground Fair tomorrow.  We leave at 7:45 and return by 4:00.  Students will need a backpack, a cold lunch, a drink in a reusable container, and a ride at 4:00.

A glimpse of our classroom!

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Welcome New Fourth Graders and Families of Fourth Graders

I am very excited to be starting the 2015-2016 school year with my new family of fourth graders.  I hope to make it a great year.  You will see that I have been hard at work this summer to make our classroom a special place.  We no longer have desks, and tables have been moved in.  We have a couple of comfy chairs for reading, and Maine themed curtains throughout the room.  We have chairs with wheels, benches, and stools instead of our normal chairs.  I also worked to color coordinate our classroom and eliminate clutter so it is an easier space to be in.  You all will have a small basket for personal items, but it is not very big, so I encourage you not to bring in too many extra supplies.

I am looking forward to the year, and I know you will like the changes.  We will all have to work hard to learn how to use our new space, and keep it organized for all of us to enjoy.  We will also be hard at work all year in cooperative groups and at work stations, so we will have to make extra efforts to work with every one of our classmates.

I will see you all on September 1!

Maine Gem and Mineral Show

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Looking for Some Help – iPads

In an effort to fundraise for some classroom iPads, I have joined a website called,  On this site, donors can contribute to the effort.  I am looking to purchase 4 iPad Mini’s for station work and projects.  The district only provides iPads to grades K and 1, and there are no funds available for our class.  If you can help us out, that would be great.  If you are unable to donate, perhaps you can share this link with others.  Thanks for all you do for our class!

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